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When the holidays arrive it is important to have a good financial planning . Yes, for the holidays too; otherwise, we can go directly to damage the domestic economy by falling into a mess that will be felt around the holiday break.

Therefore, in order not to suffer the consequences of an unnecessary waste, we share some tips to save on your next winter vacation getaway.

Vacation to your needs

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It is necessary that the holiday expense fits in your pocket, and not vice versa. The option of borrowing to travel is not advisable; Although we know that, although it is ideal, in most cases it is not the most feasible.

To find a midpoint, it is advisable to look for good deals and interest-free fees . In this way, you guarantee a fixed expense, and if you plan it in advance, maybe at the time of travel you have already paid all the fees.


Take advantage of the benefits of the Internet and consult the diversity of pages where it is possible to compare prices from different agencies. That’s why it’s important to compare, you can’t go with the first travel agency that quotes you. Ideally, you evaluate at least three options, and then make a decision.

The savings generated by taking the time to find out prices and eventually hire services directly at the destination, can cover several days of secondary expenses .

Make a detailed budget

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This is very important to prepare in advance. The idea is not to reach the destination and spend without control, either by going to an ATM or using the credit card indiscriminately.

Although it will be an approximate calculation, a good idea to make the budget is to divide the money with which we have for the holidays, and divide it by the amount of days that we will be in the destination place. To make it more detailed, you can divide the account into two large ranges. The first will be the amount for the ticket, stay, transfers and excursions.

And the second, the one you can divide by days, will be the expense derived from food, shopping, gifts and other expenses you make at the destination.

Some savings to be made before and during the trip

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If you decided to move in your own car, before you take the route you need to check it. In this way you will save in terms of time especially, and also in monetary terms. It is better to prevent with arrangements than to face an expense for some break in the middle of the trip, which will make you lose vacation days, and money.

To prevent part of the budget from going into fines, it is also appropriate to comply with speed limits, and mandatory documentation. Once at the destination, the main savings can be given on the food side, since the difference between cooking at home and eating outside can be quite high. It is best to alternate homemade food with some way out so as not to miss enjoying the typical dishes of the place.

Contacting tourism entities can also be a good idea, since there they inform about activities and excursions, passes with discounts for numerous places of tourist attraction and convenient alternatives.

Another important and unwanted expense may come from the cost side of communication for calls and mobile Internet browsing.  In this case it is recommended to consult with the company regarding the cost of using the service in places far from the contracting.

You already have all the info to make the most of your next winter vacation getaway. Prepare the bags and do not forget to enjoy!

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