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Credit cards are increasingly found among Polish customers. It is a very convenient tool and contrary to what many people think, safe. At first glance, a credit card may resemble a classic payment card, issued to a bank account, and a card to withdraw money from an ATM.

One of the distinguishing features are the raised letters with which the name of the card owner is written. Credit card payments allow you to conveniently shop online – for example, buying airline tickets. Such cards are also necessary when, for example, we want to rent a car from a rental company.

Receipt of a credit card is preceded by the submission of an application for its issuing, as well as a study of the creditworthiness of the person who wants to have it. A credit card is in fact the same as a cash loan or loan – we have the option of paying with money that is not ours and which will have to be repaid after a certain period of time. This requires that you have sufficient creditworthiness to repay the debt without undue effort.

Who issues credit cards?

Who issues credit cards?

We can apply for a credit card from any bank in Poland that has them on offer. It does not have to be the bank where you have your personal account. Each credit card has a bank account to which we will deposit the funds used. To be able to receive the card, you must first prepare an application, which we fill in with the most important information about yourself. It should include the address of residence, full personal data as well as information on employment, income and expenses. This will be the main source of information for later analysis.

How quickly is the decision to issue a credit card issued?

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Most often, such a decision will be issued within a few days of providing all necessary documents. This is not only a correctly completed application, but also a certificate of income and employment. It is very important information to determine the value of the credit card in which we want to get it. The maximum limit can also be set by the bank after examining our ability.

Most often credit cards are granted with a limit from PLN 2,000 and up

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You also have to remember that nothing prevents you from increasing your credit card limit in the future – for example, how your financial situation will improve, you will get a better paid job or pay off other loans or financial obligations that may have hampered your ability to date . Will we have to pay anything to issue a credit card? Fortunately not. Today, you can count the banks on your fingertips that issue credit cards for a fee. In fact, they earn on them, which is why it is in their interest that as many people as possible have access to them – banks gain customers in this way, as well as earn on an increasing number of operations that are carried out using a credit card.

What do you need credit cards for?

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We now come to the main question, which is why we need credit cards at all? Many people view their users dismissively, thinking that they lack their own money and have to pay with money borrowed from the bank and made available to them in the form of a credit card. However, this is not so obvious at all. Of course, the money accumulated on the credit card is a bank loan in one of the many forms available.

But using such a credit card does not always mean that the person does not have their own funds on the account. Quite the reverse. The credit card helps to save money and does not force us to reach for our own funds, which, for example, we could pay into the deposit. Thanks to the fact that we have an alternative payment method, savings can remain on the deposit for a long time, generating additional profits for us.



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