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I need the money now – a sentence we all said at least once. It’s hard not to think about it when the bills arrive, or it’s time to repay your loan installment. There is never enough money, especially when basic living expenses exceed the home budget. Particularly at risk are single-member households that do not have the extra pay they can rely on.

The average salary in Croatia is five and a half thousand kuna, and in some parts such as Slavonia and MeÄ‘imurje up to two thousand kuna less. And for basic living expenses, it is estimated that at least six thousand kuna should be allocated. The math is simple, we spend more than we earn and so we don’t think “I need the money right now”.

The first step to think “I need the money right now” is to redistribute the home budget. First, list your income and expenses so you can see if there is a hole through which money simply slides. Most often, these are unused or over-the-counter memberships that you have never worn. You can get rid of these things by selling and saving money. You can also try to find a part-time job like babysitting, starting a blog and the like.

Once you see what you are spending, it will be easier to reduce costs and, if possible, save for the black days.

What’s the bank’s position on this?

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When it comes to making emergency payments, banks and lending companies have a different understanding of emergency. Banks check the creditworthiness of a customer and determine if someone can borrow money. Everything is checked, whether you are part-time or part-time, what your earnings are, whether you have additional benefits or savings, whether you regularly pay your debts if you have any, and the like.

They rely on HROK reports, which means that a large number of citizens are unable to get a loan or loan due to indebtedness or account suspension.

Emergency banks allow current account overdrafts

The downside to current ones actually depends on how much your monthly earnings are, which means it’s not identical for all clients. Most often, the bank itself approves it even without a specific client request.

In addition, they also provide credit card loans to their customers. Credit card loans are for credit card users only. The loan is paid into a checking account and is repaid in monthly installments along with all other expenses that the client makes with a credit card during the month. For this type of cash and non-purpose loan, creditworthiness is not checked, but care is taken to ensure that the client repays his debts properly.

What Do Credit Companies Think About It?

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Credit companies pay attention to the creditworthiness of clients, and this includes regular receipts and regular settlement of debts. In their range of services, they offer loans, loans and loans with a payday of one day, which is ideal for anyone who thinks “I need money right away”.

They offer most of their products exclusively online, which means that the waiting queues are reduced and the bureaucracy that most often accompanies it. All you have to do is keep in mind that before any loan is made, the credit house from which you want to borrow money is checked. Not all credit institutions have a license to work in Croatia, which can create problems. It is best to check the website of the Croatian National Bank for a list of credit institutions licensed to operate in order to avoid potential problems.

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