Home Restructuring Loan

Restructuring Loan: Benefits

Restructuring Loan: Benefits

Do you need to renovate your home and need a loan? Evaluate our offers now ! Don’t miss the right opportunity and choose the cheapest promotion ! Astro Finance has been active for over ten years throughout the Italian territory, always available for each individual customer. Evaluate our quality, transparency and convenience. Ask us for a home renovation loan quote to get the liquidity you need.

Home renovation loan

Home renovation loan

The personal loan for home renovation, is a loan that allows you to obtain liquidity up to 50,000 USD to be used for expenses related to the apartment.

The home renovation loan is the quick and easy solution to obtain useful liquidity for your home, and offers the advantage of not providing any mortgage on the building to be restored.

It is possible to defer payment with a repayment plan for a period of up to 120 months, so as to obtain a light installment that is accessible to all.
The personal home renovation loan is an excellent solution for those who want to obtain liquidity quickly and without the constraints of the mortgage.

If you are a permanent employee or a retired employee, you can get your personal loan even if you are listed in the Crif, Experian or CTC database. In fact, thanks to the personal loan dedicated to bad payers, it will be possible to obtain the loan even if there are late payments, reports,  protests and / or foreclosures.

You can ask us for a free estimate  and without a personal loan for a home renovation by filling out the contact request below: Click here and entrust our experts! One of our consultants will call you within 24 hours to evaluate with you the best solution for your projects.

To request a personal loan, you need the documentation of each personal loan, or identity and income documents, such as paycheck and cud of the applicant and any guarantors.

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